My interest for ancient Greek culture and their impressive architecture shown in temples and sacred sites is deep-rooted and started while I was a pupil. Many years later I acquired a first ancient copper coin during a vacation.

Eventually I acquired another coin at an auction whose origin (Megisti) I had visited recently. As I found myself acquiring more and more ancient coins, I sought advice from experienced collectors and took their thoughts seriously: Focus on certain regions and you will have a collection and not a conglomeration in the end.

While I was exploring possible regions, I found that the ancient Sicilian coins appealed the most to me. There are more than 60 origins whose coins show Greek mythology in best quality and detail.

In the years to follow, I started acquiring more and more ancient Sicilian coins focusing mainly on the aesthetics of the coins rather than on their material (copper, silver and gold). By this time, the collection consist of circa 1000 coins.

After retirement I spend more and more time on actually researching the origins, historic and cultural background of the increasing coin collection. These information have been taken into account while setting up the catalogue.

If you as a collector of coins like this webpage, I’m happy to get in touch and exchange thoughts and ideas about coins especially if you have spotted misleading information. I do intend to be as accurate as possible while providing information about my collection. In addition, I would appreciate any feedback regarding this webpage.

Special thanks to Calogero Lauricella ( for setting up this incredible webpage and providing support whenever needed. Further special thanks to Fabian Korte ( for creating amazing photographs of the coins.

Many thanks also to everyone who supported me during the last few years.

Hermann Twiehaus